HP Enterprice Award

HP Enterprice Award "2016 The Fast Growing Company ROBİT" Hewlett Packard Enterprise's commitment to being a leader in human, economic and environmental progress has earned us recognition from numerous notable publications and organizations.

Robit is DELL EMC Gold Partner

Robit now DELL EMC gold partner and thank you our customers.

Traffic Solutions

We provide our customers with fixed radar, red light violation systems, mobile radar, plate recognition via average speed and parking violation products.


21 Haziran 2018

16 Ekim 2017
  Data Center Projects

Kırgızıstan Foreing Ministry Datacenter projects finihed. This projects founded by TİKA

04 Nisan 2017
  Canakkale Traffic Control System

Traffic Control System have been setup to Çanakkale Ezine Municipality. Stationary radar and red light enforcement from Sensys

04 Nisan 2017
  Robit DELL EMC Gold Partner

Robit is now DELL EMC Gold Partner in our region Turkey. We focus on Data center products and Client solutions with DELL EMC.

04 Nisan 2017
  Espa 2013 Award For Tareks

Our company software team build to Tareks project for Economy Ministry and ESPA 2013 give to our first Awards. 

03 Aralık 2013
  HP Enterprice Award

HP Enterprice Award 2016 The Fast Growing Company ROBİT

03 Nisan 2013
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