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We ensure that all information technology components, from software to hardware, can be serviced in the fastest and highest quality manner during the technological transformation process accelerated by digitalization.

About us

Robit Technology is a technology company that has been, since 2008;

Providing value-added engineering solutions to its customers in the field of Information Technologies,

Holding high-level certifications of industry-leading manufacturers such as HPE, DELL EMC, VMware, Oracle, IBM, Citrix, Fortinet, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Microsoft, Netapp, Aruba and Palo Alto,

Carrying out informatics, software and system integration works through the interdisciplinary integration culture in line with customer benefit analysis and

Independent of the manufacturer.

Our Vision

To be a leading technology company on a global scale, offering its customers value-added technological products and solutions that will serve the benefit of all humanity, especially in Turkey.

Our Mission

Robit Technology is a stakeholder-satisfaction- and solution-oriented agile technology company that provides value-added solutions to its customers with its competent expert teams at every point where a technological solution is needed.



Our Strategic Goals

Our short-term goal is to become the leading technology company in Turkey in network solutions, cyber security solutions, integrated communication solutions, data center solutions, software services, and electronics solutions expertise, which we have determined as our main fields of activity.

Our medium-term goal is to become a leading technology company on a regional scale, exporting the technologies it produces to nearby geographies, especially the Turkic Republics.

Our long-term goal is to become a leading technology company on a global scale, producing and selling its own unique products in the field of information technologies.

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Management OFFICE

High Life Office, H&L Ofis

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Electronic Systems and Service

Service, Electronic Production and Warehouse Area

Gültepe Mahallesi, Turgut Özal 2 Bulvarı No:98 Demirciler Sitesi Altındağ/ ANKARA

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