Turkish-made Droad offers high-tech border security.
9 September 2021
DROAD - Sınırın Mobil Bekçisi

All-terrain Droad ready for rapid response in areas such as border security, irregular migration, fighting forest fires

Ready to tackle rugged geographical conditions in Turkey and elsewhere with ease, Droad, a new all-terrain vehicle with high-function drone integration, promises to provide speed and flexibility of movement for field operations, its maker Robit Teknoloji said Friday.

The Droad 4 x 4 has the necessary ability to mount a rapid response in the areas of border security, irregular migration, and fighting forest fires, said Robit, a tech firm based in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Thanks to its high-function drone, the all-terrain Droad boasts the ability to carry cargo and instant data tracking and transmission.

It can quickly provide tracking, surveillance, and transfer activities.

This high-tonnage and protected all-terrain vehicle is fully capable of overcoming all obstacles and all kinds of challenging terrain in border operations.

Robit Teknoloji also continues R&D for Droad, a secure mobile solution, and mobile data center solutions.

Ready to stand as a mobile guard at the frontier, Droad also offers 24/7 operational support.

‘More flexibility, speed to sustainable field operations’

Nevzat Kocasarac, Robit’s CEO, said Droad will add flexibility and speed to sustainable field operations.

“We will perform all technical support by expert teams in the field. Thanks to our robotic, mechanical, and electronic experience, we can add functions that meet (customers’) needs,” he added.

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