Next Generation Network Technologies

Defined as the literature equivalent; Management, operation and control of machines and processes with software elements, apart from human control, constitute the basic outputs of automation technologies.

In this context, in addition to traditional network design, implementation and commissioning processes, software-based network automation solutions are offered within our company.

With these solutions, the continuity of business processes is ensured by monitoring and controlling existing networks, automating routine processes, and minimizing security vulnerabilities caused by human errors.

With the integration of software-based automation solutions of network networks such as campus, wide area networks, data centers, central management of complex networks, simplification of security policies and control of access controls are provided.

With “intent based” policies, which are defined as the main element of SDN (Software Defined Network) solutions, intent detection-oriented heuristic networks enable detection and prevention of possible action and security threats, and minimizing operation and maintenance costs. In this context, we offer orchestration & management software integration solutions such as SD-WAN, SD Access, ACI, NSO.

In addition to meeting the speed and security needs of network systems with Robit Network Automation (RNA), solutions are offered in the light of the following FCAPS model;

  • Minimizing Human Error
  • Scaling
  • Product, Labor Cost Reduction
  • Advanced “Monitoring” Facilities
  • “Intent Based Network” Capability

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Our projects

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