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It Is Time For Your Data To Take Action!

In The Digital Transformation Process, We Work With You To Interpret All The Data You Have And To Develop Solutions That Will Contribute To Your Corporate Strategy.

Having a job you can always rely on for your access to IT, you have a fast, easy and easy access at this point. We will live with you through the scientific transformation process, while helping you at all times.

Today, widely consumed, consumed and end users and their demands vary. It serves more people and will be made more accessible. Robit Technology can be delivered in the fastest way as a whole IT service, without slowing down used in this aggregation process. Don’t worry, your application will be delivered in the most accurate way, your servers and infrastructure.

In the digitizing world, the number of services provided in digital environment is increasing rapidly with each passing day. With this rapidly increasing number of services, the data collected is also increasing rapidly. As Robit Teknoloji, we work with you to make sense of the data on the contribution of this data to your corporate strategy and its impact on your decision-making processes, together with the applications we will produce in collecting this data. It’s time to take action on the data you have.

Application servers, storage units, software, big data, business intelligence, security are just some of the services we can offer. Your institution does not need to deal with all of these. We are here to offer you the best solutions. If you don’t know where to start a project, the fastest way is to contact us. We would be pleased to understand your needs as one of you and offer you tailor-made solutions.

Software Architectures

Architecture is an overlooked issue for many software developers. Incomplete or wrong architectural decisions prevent the success of the software in many areas from software development time to software performance. In some sources, concepts such as the most up-to-date or the best architecture appear.

However, as Robit Teknoloji, we do not believe in the accuracy of a single architecture. Choosing the right architecture according to the nature of the developed project is one of the most important factors determining the success of the project and we are ready to support you with the most up-to-date architectures.

Microservice Architecture

This architecture allows complex systems to be constructed by allowing continuous development, integration and installation processes.

N-Tier Architecture

With this architecture, the presentation, application and management layers are separated from each other.
is provided.

Onion Architecture

Together with Inversion of Control, it allows development independent of data sources.

Technology Experience

Software Solutions

As Robit technology, we ensure that all information technology components can be served in the fastest and highest quality way without slowing down in the process of technological transformation, which has gained momentum with digitalization.

Software Solutions

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Software Solutions

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