AA News: Turkish tech firm makes progress on AI-based networks
26 November 2021

By developing AI-based technologies, Robit seeks to fix modern problems in increasingly complex networks, says statement.

Robit, a Turkish technology firm working on the localization of information systems, is developing AI-based network technologies.

Noting that networks continue to the complexity of continues to increase daily as technology develops, the company said in a statement that conventional information technology (IT) processes were unable to deal with problems that arise in managing the rising number of IT devices connected to these networks.

New scalable and manageable network management system solutions are needed to improve processes, it said, adding that it had developed a project, dubbed robit.RNA (Robit Network Automation), to help meet this increasing need.

The project was developed as a powerful network automation solution that supports the remote management of IT devices and the devices of many manufacturers where conventional solutions are weak. Especially advantageous for large enterprises, robit.RNA helps comply with international standards of network structuring by eliminating the human factor, reducing operating costs, removing the margin of error.

It also allows for the monitoring of statistical data of devices linked in the network, the statement said.

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