Electronic Solutions

As One Of The Leading Institutions Introducing Open Source Hardware (OSHW) To Our Country, We Have Been Providing Turnkey Electro-Mechanical Solutions To Our Stakeholders For Over Ten Years.

With the Electronic/Mechatronic Systems unit within our company, we have been providing turnkey electro-mechanical and software solutions to our customers for more than ten years.

Our main goal as Robit technology is to offer domestic and National technologies, design and production to our domestic and international customers by offering value-added and high-tech systems to military/civilian use.

An expert in the field with our team of Engineers, value-added products from the past with our knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of simulation systems, medical imaging systems, safety equipment and systems tailor OSHW stem style project-based approach to offer our customers.

We are proud to be one of the leading organizations of our country’s OSHW (Open Source Hardware) movement.

R&D projects platforms an indispensable element of the development of educational institutions since 2008, civil/military organizations; procurement processes, yerlilestirme & development and we are working on these technologies to be implemented throughout the country. We offer hardware and software solutions to our valued customers in prototyping processes with our 54 different OSHW product lines.

We work to develop our mechatronic system integration experience, simulation systems and interactive technologies.

Mechatronics-simulation systems, which are the intersection point of Mechanical, Electronic, Control and software engineering disciplines, we provide services in interactive museums and online education, especially traffic training simulations with our expert engineer staff in their fields.

As Robit technology, we produce digital Negatoscope – sterile PC in accordance with hospital standards within the scope of Medical Imaging Systems.

With hospital Information Management Systems (HBYS) of the health sector, where today’s technologies are the main interaction, all processes of the patient from the hospital entrance to the exit are operated and their data is stored, and data is instantly accessible in digital media according to demand. In this context, patient visual examinations (X-ray, MRI, tomography, etc.) we develop antibacterial imaging devices suitable for hospital environment in accordance with medical standards so that they can be reached and interpreted instantly in digital environments. Medical imaging systems for use in Doctor’s room, operating room and meeting rooms, we carry out project design, design & production PACs integration studies in a tailor-made multi-screen, remote-controlled, fixed or mobile structure according to hospital needs.

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