Proud of our productions in our 15th year!
27 February 2023

As Robit produces and supplies Information Technologies in many sectoral areas and we are taking the results of many years of R&D studies as a product with the pride of completing 15 years.

Many products, whose design and production stages are completed, making our lives easier in every field and contribute to the development of Türkiye’s engineering capabilities.

The head topics we are working on are; Defense, aerospace, IoT, metaverse virtual universe AR and VR glasses systems, robot technologies for military and civilian usage, mobile data centers.

Azab, Chordata, Utman, irobit are the main products ready for sale from these products.

At the IV. Military Radar and Border Security Summit, which will be at Hacettepe Congress Center in March, our products will be presented to customers.

The combination of our value-added integration capability turns to product Chordata and Robit RNA, in order to create more qualified products in IT projects. The sized data centers Chordata and the network automation software Robit RNA we present.

We glad to meet you at the show area we built in HL Office-The Management Office to make the projects more visible.

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